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Frequently Asked Questions

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Have anything you want to know about Multindo or Paragon products?
Check this section for our Frequently Asked Questions.
The FAQs are intended to help you to get general information you need as quickly as possible.
We hope to provide immediate answers to your questions online, but feel free to contact us, if you need further assistance.

For the buyers/retailer all over the world, the minimum quantity is 1 x 20 FCL with a maximum variation of 10 items with standard color according to the color trends at that time. For the end user, you can directly find our products at local outlets.
Please check with your local retailer to locate Multindo and Paragon products. For the consumer all over Indonesia, you can find our products in some of our local outlets which are : Matahari Department Store, Giant, Ramayana, Carrefour, and Hypermart.
In keeping with corporate policy, PT Multiplas Indo Makmur traditionally do not have outlet stores for their products. We suggest that you check your local retail outlets for the Multindo and Paragon products you want.
Retail stores are currently the best way to distribute our products and serve consumers. Multindo and Paragon ships their product by the truckload direct to the retail store's distribution warehouses. They in turn ship to the individual store locations close to your home. We suggest that you check with local retailers for the items illustrated on this site.
PT Multiplast Indo Makmur responds to e-mail requests within 3 to 5 working days. If you have not received a reply, please be sure to check for the correct e-mail address on your contact form. We make every effort to respond to all messages, via the internet or telephone voice mail.
Although Multindo and Paragon products does not offer direct order information and pricing, we do have a product line catalog that illustrates all of our products. Please enter your address information in our Contact Us section to receive a catalog.
PT. Multiplast Indo Makmur requires this information initially so that we might complete your request without delay in writing for an address, or requesting more information. We do not sell names and addresses to anyone else.
Every Multindo and Paragon product has the Multindo and Paragon logo and a serial number imprinted in to the plastic of the item. This may be found on every part and usually on the underside or bottom of the item. This information assists us in identifying the item, and the ability to respond to your inquiry immediately.
PT Multiplast Indo Makmur usually discontinues a product due to declining sales. To be successful, retail stores must freshen their shelves and offer a product mix that will stimulate sales. PT Multiplast Indo Makmur must continue to develop new products on a regular basis to meet store and consumer demands. This, in turn, leads to the discontinuation of older products to make room for the manufacturing and inventorying of new products.
We delete one or two matured colors annually to replace them with fresh ones, whenever possible. Multindo and Paragon closely monitors the sales of our products by colors to detect changes and strong trends. For inventory management in the mass market, we can offer our products in only 4 to 5 popular colors at any one time.
Our suggestion for removing our labels (or, even the store's price stickers) is a little cooking oil. Prior to immersing in water, just rub the oil into the label. It will soften the label and the adhesive to a point where you can lift off the label and wipe away any remaining adhesive. If you experience a stickiness only, we recommend placing a liberal amount of talcum powder on that area, allowing it to stand for approximately half an hour, then just rub it off.
The best method of cleaning plastics is to use hot water and a detergent solution with a soft non-abrasive bristled brush. A light solution of liquid bleach water (one tablespoon per cup) can be used on hard to remove stains. Smaller items may be placed in the top rack of most dishwashers, away from the heating element.